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BEST OF 2003

Below are some of my favourite images from last year,
with some explanations as to why I picked them.

A valley at sunset south of Cuenca, Ecuador.
The photo was taken at the beginning of my jeep odyssey across northern South America in April. It's full of hope and expectation, just like we were at the start of the trip.
On the road at the Nazca Lines, southern Peru.
Much of the driving in Peru was pure desert, and though fun, wasn't all that stimulating. However, when we arrived at Nazca at sunset, we were able to climb an observation tower to have a look at the lines. This was the view of the road.

Marine Iguanas, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
I could have chosen dozens of photos of the amazing Galapagos, but these two make me laugh the most.
Below: a young frigate bird

Old woman on the main square of Arequipa, southern Peru.
There are times when I really feel like I'm 'hunting' for shots, pretentious as it sounds. I feel that my eye is looking differently at the world, looking for angles, shadows, composition. In Arequipa one evening, I got that feeling, and this is my favourite shot of the lot.
Boy on the road from Arequipa to the Colca Canyon, southern Peru.
I mucked about a bit with this boy before he posed with his teeny llama in tow. It was an extremely barren and depressing stop on the road, and he seemed to bring a beam of light to the place.

On the Inca Trail, Peru.
This photo was taken on one of most beautiful afternoons of my life, at the last high ruins before the descent towards Machu Picchu. We ran about like over-excited schoolboys taking photos of the mountains and this rainbow, which later duplicated itself across the brooding, grey skies. In the rush, I fell face-flat in the mud in front of a group of (amused) trekkers.

Between Cusco and the Sacred Valley, Peru.
We stopped by the side of the road to admire the view, and this little group of children were dancing in a ring. There was some holiday in Peru at the time. The boy on the right is European or American, and had been pushed into the group by his parents. He looked decidedly disconcerted by the whole performance.
Dawn at the ruins of Pisac, Peru.
I'm particularly proud of this photo, since I got up at 4 AM to trudge up the mountain to the beautiful ruins, and then waited an hour in the freezing cold before the light did exactly what I hoped desperately it would do. And it did.
Paraty, south of Rio, Brazil.
I suppose the light isn't quite right on this photo, and I wasn't at all sure it would come out. I liked the idea that it could have been taken a hundred years ago and the pretty fishing town of Paraty would have looked precisely the same.
To end, I realise the quality of this photo is rubbish. But it was taken when I finally got to my favourite hippy village in southern Venezuela, after 8,000 km in the jeep. I was delighted to be there among friends once again, and even more delighted that the jeep was with me too.



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