These are some of my favourite images taken while researching
e 2nd edition of the Traveler's Ecuador Companion.
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'Chola Cuencana' selling flowers

Old woman from Saquisili market

The imposing entrance to Hacienda La Cienega

Dog eyeing pedestrians from a cuencan balcony

The valley of La Esperanza

Galapagos: To blue booby or not to blue booby

Galapagos: The sea, not a swimming pool

Galapagos: A male frigate bird flies with its red pouch inflated

Schoolboy at Otavalo's market

Lamas grazing near Tigua in the Central Highlands

Pine-lined road in the north

Syruppy sunset moment on the coast at the Alandaluz ecolodge

Poor man on Saquisili street corner

"Comprame, si, si, comprame"
Young friendship bracelet-selling girl in Otavalo

Riotous colour and detail of Tiguan painting

Window in Cuenca


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