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Travel Stuff

Top travel writing, information and hotel reviews

Latin American Media Project

South American Explorers
-- Trip info and magazine

The Royal Geographical Society's magazine and website

The award-winning site for anything eco and Latin American on the web -- don't go anywhere without checking it first!

Irreverent and excellent travel site

The Ultimate Resource for the Independent Traveller
Great travel site, with lots of useful info

Dedicated to festivals around the world

Running Man -- ambitious project

Tourism Concern -- London based NGO working towards sustainable and ethical tourism.

Traveller -- UK-based travel magazine: Conde Nast without the Chardonnay...but with some excellent articles and pictures

Babylon -- More travel articles -- Even more travel articles

South Pacific Organizer -- all you need to know

Travel Notes - useful info - good info

Julian Smith - travel and guidebook writer :
The Complete Online Costa Rica Travel Guide

BBC Inside Latin America

Journalism and Media Miscellanea

- Cool new site, dedicated to the finer aspects of living... -- ask the advice of the people who wrote the books...

EcoAmericas -- Environmental news from the Americas (subscription-based)

Jérôme Bernard-Abou French photographer with images of Venezuela

Charles Sturge -- the photographer behind many of my site's scans.

Environment News Service

DJM -- Dutch journalists

Other stuff Word a Day -- give the gift of words...

Stinky Meat -- the net gone mad...

Dean and Nigel -- the net gone madder....

South Park -- flaming gas anyone...?
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