A unique frontier community in
the Gran Sabana, Bolívar State, southeastern Venezuela

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El Pauji en Espańol


Photo: Jerome Abou-Bernard --

At first, El Paují may seem like any other village in the Latin American outback. It has a few shops, a few houses, a campamento or two, and the obligatory stray dog and furtive chicken. It's only when you're fortunate to spend more time there, that you realise it's much more than that.

The places described below are the organised establishments, which have running water (not hot), kitchens and bathrooms. Most also accept campers. Nearly all the villagers however will be glad to take you in for a few days and show you the sights and their lives.

Where to stay : --

There are seven different places to stay in and around the village, all offering rustic accommodation (no hot water, some electricity at certain hours) for about the same prices (starting at $10 a night per person).

Reservations for most campamentos can be made through
Marielis Gil: (+58) (0)289 808 1033
email maripaktepuy@hotmail.com

In town :

Maripak, run by Marielis Gil, which is also a restaurant and has three double cabins and one single. 0289 808 1033.

Nelson's camp with two doubles and a single, plus al fresco cooking facilities. Contact him, or his daughter Luna, in Santa Elena: 0414 886 1661 / 0414 886 2000.

run by the Scott family with four doubles. They also have a serpentarium and cook good meals. Tel 0289 951431

Rodrigo showing off his new 'house' - under construction in 2000

Out of town:

El Caminante
, just before the town by the river, has four cabins and tent space and can prepare meals for you or rent the kitchen out.

Manuel Mattheus beside his 'house' - El Gajo

, run by the Matheus family, now with only a small, but delightful, house for guests (above) -- the bigger one burnt down tragically!
Situated before the village on the River Paují. They can prepare meals or let you use the kitchen. Fantastic swimming down by the river. Contact pauji0@yahoo.com.

Amariba, next to the Dancehall (right>) and small river.
Amariba can sleep up to 20 and has a separate kitchen area. It also has a lovely little separate two-story cabin. Alí now runs it. Contact amariba@cantv.net.

Manoa run by Otto and Zaira, with 9 cabins, on the approach of the village. Reservations through Maripak.

Campamento El Paují, run by Miguel Angel Robaina and his family. Has about six doubles and more under construction. Reservations through Maripak.

Kunebana, about five kms west of the village, has four cabins. Run by Vilma and Hernan.

Kawaik, owned by Mauro and Elsa. Very attractive camp with more sophisticated sleeping for eight, about 10 kms west of Paují. Tel 0414 995 6135 kawaik@unete.com.ve.

Most campamentos will allow you to camp for a small fee.

Doña Aura's restaurant offers filling food in the village, or else head to Yusmeli's maloca, just west of the village crossroads.

There are two general stores. Jose's is cheaper. Get to them early before the fresh food is sold.

The future of the medical clinic was uncertain in late 2002. It's best to bring all your medication and first-aid kits with you.

Radio calls to airline companies, tour operators and other villagers can be made at Marielis Gil's Maripak. As can expensive satellite phone calls.

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