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I published two articles in 2003 in the US magazine Interval World. One on the Galapagos Islands in the Spring issue, and another on Brazil in the Summer issue.

This is Travel is the travel website of the Associated Newspapers Group in the UK. The group includes The Daily Mail and the London Evening Standard. The articles are syndicated to their network of 70 UK titles.

Articles in 2003: Angel Falls and the Inca Trail.

In early 2004, I became editor of the Ecuador edition of the in-flight travel magazine, Welcome! Unfortunately, the magazine didn't make it beyond 2005, and has folded.

It featured ecotourism and community-based tourism and I wrote some interesting pieces for both the Ecuador and Peru editions, and met some intriguing people through interviews for it. I hope to work on a similar project soon.



In 2002, I published four articles on

Moscow city break
St. Petersburg city break
Costa de la Luz (Spain) feature
Gibraltar feature

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Pumalin Park in Chile
Global Adventure (March 2002)
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In 1990, the West Coast millionaire Doug Tompkins landed his small plane in a remote fjord in the Palena region, at the northern limit of Chilean Patagonia. He had visited this ‘quaint tail of the South American continent’ ever since dropping out of high school in the ‘60s and going on to become the millionaire entrepreneur of the Esprit clothing giant. This time however, he wasn’t shooting rapids or scaling peaks. He came to buy, buy, buy.
  Paradise Found
South American Explorer magazine Winter 2002

I'm the apostle of the new religion: travel. The one behind the "what to see, what to do, how to get there" liturgy. The guy who puts the posadas in their place; checks and doublechecks all those phone, fax and website entries. The one you'll curse when the phone's unavailable, or the email bounces. The one who's responsible for those all-too-high vacation expectations. The one who, rightly or wrongly, is accountable for your having a good time.

Ecuador's Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve

(Oct/Nov 2001)

Kapawi stands at the bleeding-edge of green-building tourism.
At a time when concerns regarding the equitable relationship between tourism operations and indigenous people are greater than ever, Kapawi offers a vision of co-operation and understanding.

Upwardly Mobile in a True Blue Heaven
Independent on Sunday

27 August 2000
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Mongolia is known as the Land of Blue Heaven. Blue is its most sacred colour. On every dirt track (asphalt is as rare as lettuce), and from every hilltop, stone pyramids topped with hadag, blue scarves, and littered with shattered vodka bottles appease local spirits and bring luck for the road.

The Life of Raleigh

BBC Wildlife Magazine

July 1999

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To become part of the extended Raleigh family staff fundraise 1,500, young 'venturer' volunteers, 3,000. In the same way that time shared with your parents and siblings can prove among life's most rewarding and memorable moments, it can also drive even the most mellow of characters mildly insane.


Chasing Chatwin

South American Explorer, Winter 1998

When he was at school at the height of the Cold War, Chatwin and his friends formed an Emigration Committee. They poured over maps and atlases for the safest place to be in the event of a nuclear holocaust. They finally pointed their no doubt ink-stained fingers at the "quaint tail of the South American continent".

Caracas Daily Journal

Over 25 articles published since 1999

Chief Travel Writer

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  Emerald Time Warp
In Patagonia

Geographical online
Dec 2000 & Jan 2001.
You Have Mail
Global Writing Worth Reading'

January 2000

The Comandante in his Labyrinth
  A Short Break in Bordeaux

The Independent on Sunday

9 May 99

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Insider's Guide: Caracas

The Independent on Sunday

8 September 99
  A Short Break in Newcastle

The Independent on Sunday

2 August 98

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Adventure with a Capital R
The Independent on Sunday
21 March 99
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"It's OK, Mum, I'm only going up to Caracas after the expedition," was the message from Patagonia.
A worried mother rang Raleigh International's head office in London.
"Is Caracas in northern Chile?" she asked.
"Er, no, madam. It's the capital of Venezuela, about 3,000 miles away."

Slash & Burn Agriculture Engulfs
Guatemala in Flames

And Other News Stories

Environment News Service

-- In the Steppes of Genghis
-- Et In Patagonia Ego
-- Life of Raleigh
-- Golden Christmas

New Law Journal

Autumn 2000, Spring 99, etc

  Doug Tompkins' Pumalin Park


March 99
  Chasing The Rainbow

South American Explorer

Winter 97

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Colours of Chichicastenango
Pumalin Park
Country with a Green Heart
Baptism By Beat
  Toilet Humour -- The Last Laugh

"Killer" magazine

March 98
News and Features

VHeadline/VENews -- Venezuelan news
  Competition winner in the book

Travellers' Tales from Heaven & Hell

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