Some of the following stories have been published, while others were written purely for pleasure. Many of them were written in 1996, when I spent about six months travelling and living in the Gran Sabana. Some of them date from before that. But all of them, in some way, will be woven in to the fabric of the book I intend to write.

For a good introductory piece to the region, I suggest you read Sabana Dreaming. It was published in the Caracas Daily Journal in 2001, and contains plenty of background, a keen feeling for what the place is like, and how much I love it.

Another good piece would be Walking on the Moon, an article about Mount Roraima, the tallest of the extraordinary tepuy mesa mountains which characterise the region.

Other than that, the choice is yours.

Sabana Dreaming

Walking on the Moon

Touching the Angel's Wing

Chasing The Rainbow

Diamonds Are A Boy's Best Friend

The Life and Times of Doña Aura, Village Matriarch

Gatecrashers and The Pemon of Wonken

"Por Una Pepa de Oro" - The Miners of El Cajon

Snake in the Class

Close Encounters


Sign Language

Road to Nowhere?

Evening in El Paují




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