El Pauji
"Life in the Bush of Beyond"

On the road betwen Santa Elena and Pauji view south from El AbismoView from El Abismo
Anaira, age two, by a waterfallAnaira, age 8, in December 2002

Salto PaujiManuel Mattheus and one of his houses 'El Gajo'Sunday best

hildaChivo -- a localJuan Amado -- the next generation

Ram inspecting goldCynthia GamboaKike chills out...

fiesta fiesta2 fiesta3

Tambara who runs the local general store Dona Aura, village matriarch, holds court (centre sitting)Wild man of the woods Tewahri

view from La Construccion, campamento Weimore Dance Hall
Agua Dulce in 1999Carlos and Nicole's house 2002

truck1 Antonio Castillo in his old carAncient Land Rover

diamonds and gold at the shop miner

Anonymous couple (!) at Pozo Esmeralda

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