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Angel Falls
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El Pauji

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Find out more about the ascent of these two amazing mountains



Filmmaker Adrian Warren's site on the making of his film.

Hotel Gran Sabana's Guide to the Sabana in Spanish

Stephen Nelson's artwork

Using PRA for conflict resolution in National parks: lessons from a venezuelan experience in Canaima National park. Iokiñe Rodriguez. (1998). PLA Notes (33), IIED, England.

Hernan Dario Correa y Iokiñe Rodríguez (2005). Encrucijadas Ambientales en America Latina. Entre el Manejo y la Transformación de Conflictos Socio Ambientales. Universidad de la Paz, Costa Rica

Available also in English
Hernan Dario Correa y Iokiñe Rodríguez (2005. Environmental Crossroads in Latin America. Between managing and transforming natural resource conflict.

Conocimiento Indigena vs Cientifico: El conflicto por el uso del fuego en el Parque Nacional Canaima (2004). Interciencia 29(3):121-129.

Pemon Perspectives of Fire Management in Canaima National Park, South-Eastern Venezuela (2006 in Press). Human Ecology.



Guiana Shield Media Project pages in Spanish

Auyantepuy and Canaima trip report from South American Explorers

Jimmy Angel info from the Eversoles

Cartoon of Jimmie Angel and his wife finding the waterfall -- hilarious!

WCMC report on Canaima Park

Can National Parks and Natural Monuments Adequately Protect Forests in the Guayana Region? World Resources Institute report

Satelite view of the Gran Sabana on Mapmachine - a great project collecting items of anthropological interest from the peoples of the Orinoco Basin.

Venezuela Human Rights Organisation COFAVIC

Geographic Information Systems used in Venezuela and Canaima

World Rainforest Movement

Coalition for Amazonian Peoples and Their Environment

MIT's Venezuela site

Tourism Concern - great links

Total nutters skydiving from Auyan Tepuy

VenezuelaEcoTravel - good operator's site

Pantepui - Research project about the potential effects of global warming on the flora of the Guayana Highlands (July 2005- June 2008) - Good trekking info for Roraima.

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