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nomadom — condition of the nomad, as in freedom


Amira and I are delighted to announce the birth of JULIAN RAMIRO HAMILTON PEREZ, on October 8th 2004. It was a somewhat bumpy arrival, but all are well...

First encounter
3 months in Canadian sub-zero winter..
In workers' cap
4 months
5 months at the Botanical Garden
First solids!
6 months
8 months
9 months - static crawling
10 months
11 months - first steps!
beep beep with Uncle Mateo (aged 10...)
Birthday Boy
14 months at Christmas
In the Galapagos Islands at New Year
13 months
14 months
15 months at the Water Museum
16 months doing the shopping
17 months at the hot springs
18 months down on the farm...
18 months down on the farm...2
Orchid spotting in the cloudforest
20 months - In London
On the London Eye
In Italy with his 5 Anglo-Italian-Canadian cousins
In London with Daddy's mates
London siesta
Checking the Vespas in Florence
With Granny in Spain
Checkin the ladeez in New York's Zoo
Up Cotopaxi mountain with uncle and relations
3rd Birthday

Carry On Doctor
Taking Superman a bit too seriously

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