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For any company wishing to give its clients a taste of their product, or simply to build their brand, videos are perhaps the most effective medium on the market today: they can be viewed on websites, on cellphones, in offices or at travel and trade shows.

I branched off into video-making in 2003 and have enjoyed story telling through this medium over the years. I have worked on television documentaries (see this documentary in Ecuador for Paladin Invision, for example), done a show-reel as a travel show presenter, and worked on various short promotional films for clients in South America, including the Inca Trail and the Galapagos Islands. See my YouTube channel.

At the Quito Visitors' Bureau (2007-2010), I built on my previous experience in two ways: first, planning and working on the production of the various television crews that came to fillm in the city (Travel Channel, BBC Fast Track, German TV, a handful of Latin American stations, etc.); second, being involved in the promotional videos we produced for the city. For examples of the latter work, see this playlist.

At Metropolitan Touring in Ecuador (2010-2014), as part of the company's marketing and communications strategy, I was responsible for creating the Audiovisual Department - which began with purchasing the cameras and computers and then managing the team and budget.

It proved a great tool for the company, not only for showcasing its Galapagos and mainland Ecuador products...

... but also for projecting the image of an approachable, fun company that the travel trade would identify with. An example? This Christmas 2013 video:

I continued my passion for the world of video at Ñan magazine, although very much in the background.

At the Ministry of Tourism, my team produces bi-monthly videos about various regions of Ecuador for use in the itinerant government cabinet meetings; promotes tourism through the "La belleza de Ecuador está en su gente - #EcuadorPotenciaTurística" campaign and various national campaigns; as well as working on the audiovisual pieces for the international promotion campaign, "Feel Again". As part of this campaign, we are currently working on the "Feel Again Project", a multi-disciplinary, creative journey across Ecuador, which will generate a lot of new video content for the country. Watch this space!


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